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This is a big moment for me. I am now a business. Starting now, I am self-employed. Ready to take on your Interaction Design / UXD assignments and willing to excel.

For you, this means that I will no longer see you as someone only interested in my content. I’ll rather regard you as a potential client or project partner. This means that I might think more about your needs and what could make you happy. And it means that I should have much more time for you, because this blog has now become a much more important place for me. Isn’t that nice?

Seriously, more than ever I am willing to get involved with you. Please feel invited to comment on stuff here, ask questions, give feedback and talk. Openly or in private. My contact details are available on every page.

In case you need an idea what I did so far, for now I’ll refer you to my LinkedIn or XING page. If you need more details, don’t hesitate to contact me.


Tamim on 2011/06/01 at 08:22h GMT:

Whish you lots lots of success.

Karsten on 2011/06/01 at 11:42h GMT:

So let’s get crackin! Selfemployment is not the worst of all options. :)

Stefan on 2011/06/01 at 12:05h GMT:

Me, too. Good start, Marian!

Malte on 2011/06/01 at 12:11h GMT:

Have a lot of fun with your blog and, of course, success!

Christian Ohler on 2011/06/01 at 14:06h GMT:

Viel Erfolg und hoffentlich bis bald zum #DfC6.

Indra on 2011/06/01 at 18:32h GMT:

Welcome to our house ;)

Marian Steinbach on 2011/06/01 at 18:37h GMT:

Thank you alle miteinander! @Indra: Which house?

Roland Schupp on 2011/06/01 at 18:44h GMT:

Good luck and some good projects for kick-off! :-)

Konstantin on 2011/06/21 at 10:13h GMT:

There are few people I know who have such a deep understanding in users and tech. And there are even less people who can both, design UX and develop web software. You are one of them. And as such, I’m glad to know that you can now freely decide where to contribute with your expertise. Let your business flourish, Marian.

Marian Steinbach on 2011/06/21 at 10:24h GMT:

Thank you, I am flattered!

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