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DIN Schablonierschrift Sample Image


DIN Schablonierschrift is a typeface derived from a commonly used set of type stencils. Each letter of the digital derivative has been manually digitised by myself in 1997, reproducing the glyph's shapes in all their simplicity.

Disclaimer: The character set is very limited. The font contains only uppercase letters (including german umlauts), numbers and a few punctuation marks.


ZIP file containing the OpenType font from 2012.

Older versions: 2004 TrueType and PostScript ZIP, 2004 Mac Stuffit

Source on GitHub: The font is Open Source and can be edited by you and you, using FontForge! Here is the source repository: In addition, you'll find there an issue tracking system to report bugs and find out about known issues.

Additional Stuff and Info

Sample Sheet and Info: PDF, 70 KB

Some rights reserved - click to read the license   DIN Schablonierschrift is published under the Creative Commons Share-Alike license.

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