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Welcome to the place where I publish various thoughts, hoping that they are of value to anyone else.

Most of my content is in English, some is in German.

What happened recently

August 2022

🫶 I’m starting to use Netlify with (HUGO) sites hosted on Codeberg and this little post was a great help.

July 2022

✅ Verifying my website for my Mastodon profile.

💬 This site now has a commenting system based on Mastodon. You can see it in action at the end of the my recent article. Credits to Carl Schwan.

💥 New article: Energy efficiency of programming languages

✏️ Updated the German article Gekommen, um zu bleiben: Gründe, jetzt das Fediverse zu betreten.

🦠 Caught COVID and had time to re-build this site.